Strengthening networks of people who use drugs, Nepal
People who use drugs are key in voicing the needs and concerns of their communities. Since the beginning of Bridging the Gaps, Mainline actively supports networks of people who use drugs, such as the National Users Network Nepal (NUNN) together with INPUD. Effective organisations by and for people who use drugs ensure involvement in advocacy and policy-making.
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BtG partner meeting in Georgia: 8 - 10 September
From Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 September there will be a Bridging the Gaps meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. Current issues such as building drug user networks and working on improving human rights for people who use drugs will be addressed.
Local organizations will exchange best practices to link to others and learn.
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Peer involvement: an exploration of best practices
In a qualitative study Hayley Murray explores best practices of peer involvement in harm reduction work. She answers questions such as: How can peer-led initiatives reach their full potential? How to align the interest and agenda of a peer to that of an organization? Why do most peers not get paid?
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Drugs use & HIV in South Africa
On the 9th of June, local and international drugs experts gathered in Durban to discuss the issue of drug use and HIV. This pre-conference meeting constituted an unofficial but important precursor to the 7th South African AIDS Conference.
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In the scene in South Africa
We visited our South African country partners TB/HIV Care and OUT. On the agenda was the training of outreach teams in Durban, Pretoria, and Cape Town to support and empower drug users. Mainline went out in the scene with these teams. An impression.
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Launch of a drug user network in Pakistan
On 5 May, the launch of the first drug user network in Pakistan was celebrated. The network will go by the name of DUNE and is part of the Association of People Living with HIV (APLHIV) in Pakistan.
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Methadone on the Kenyan coast
How local NGOs deal with the challenges of methadone-assisted treatment for heroin users. In December 2014, Kenya became the third country in Sub-Saharan Africa to introduce Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST), after Tanzania and Mauritius.
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Human rights of drug users in Kenya
People who use drugs in Kenya suffer from violence, harassment, prejudice, and ill health. The government of Kenya increasingly recognizes the very harsh realities drug users face. Important steps have been taken to provide more space for harm reduction programmes.
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