Sharing heritage: bi-monthly update of the Cultural Heritage Agency No. 7 - April and May 2016
The octagonal church in Westfort Village, Pretoria, South Africa. The RCE is involved in the exploration of future perspectives for this site.  (Photo: Tetteroo Media)
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Welcome to the Spring edition of our newsletter! In this update, meet our expert Marc Stappers, dive into the story of the exciting search for shipwreck the Fortuyn and learn more about current Shared Cultural Heritage projects, publications and upcoming events.
Team members of the Fortuyn project
Project in the spotlight
Closing in on the Fortuyn

In 1723, Dutch East India Company ship the Fortuyn sailed off to Batavia (Jakarta). Tragically the ship never reached her destination, for it was last seen in January 1724 at the Cape of Good Hope. In February and March 2016 the RCE, in close cooperation with Australian partners, executed the project Closing in on the Fortuyn. During this project, maritime archaeologists from Australia and the Netherlands researched three ships possibly wrecked 350 kilometers south of Java: the Fortuyn (1724), the Aagtekerke (1726) and an unknown vessel reported to be wrecked in 1745.

Altogether the archaeologists dived for fifteen hours in search of the wrecks. Unfortunately, the Fortuyn has not been found and neither have the other ships. However, the divers were able to research the wrecks of SMS Emden (a German cruiser wrecked in 1941) and the Phaeton (an English trading ship from 1889). Over the coming months, the team will process all the collected data from the magnetometer surveys, the photogrammetry and the corrosion measurements. 

The Fortuyn project was a collaboration between Wreck Check inc., the RCE, the Netherlands Embassy in Australia, the Silent World Foundation, Parks Australia, the Western Australian Museum and the Australian Department of the Environment. Read more about the project via this blog by the Maritime Programme and via the National Geographic website.
Workshop ‘Managing indoor climate risks – Towards a sustainable conservation of mutual cultural heritage in Sri Lanka’ (Colombo, 2015).
Expert in the spotlight

Meet Marc Stappers: a specialist in building physics at the RCE. Marc gives advice on heat and moisture transfer related problems and on managing indoor climate in historic buildings and museums, focusing on the sustainable conservation of the building, interior and collection. He also conducts research into related topics and gives lectures on building physics. While in general, advice in this field is often focused on practical climate solutions, Marc also encourages others to think about more basic questions: what kind of museum do you have? And what kind of museum do you want it to be? Only by asking these fundamental questions, one can come to an effective and efficient approach.

Marc is also involved in SCH courses on managing indoor climate risks. In 2015 he conducted a five-day workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Like a pressure cooker, the workshop design brings together people, ideas and solutions in a very short period of time. Participants learn about several factors affecting indoor climate, the effect indoor climate has on collections in museums and also about mitigation strategies. Subsequently, the participants elaborate their findings in a report for their own museum. Marc considers the knowledge exchange during these SCH courses as a valuable contribution to the expertise of the RCE.

Recently Marc worked on the Handbook on Managing Indoor Climate Risks, which will be published later this year.

Current projects

President IPHAN visits the Netherlands
From 10 to 15 April, the president of the Brazilian National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN)  will visit the Netherlands. Ms Jurema de Sousa Machado and two staff members undertake this visit to strengthen the collaboration between Brazil and the Netherlands and to exchange knowledge and practices on built and landscape heritage. Involved RCE experts: Frank Altenburg and Jean-Paul Corten.

Digital Handbook for Collection Risk Management updated
Preservation and responsible usage of heritage collections is a continuous battle against the threats of which they are exposed to. The RCE recently elaborated and updated the Digital Handbook for Collection Risk Management. This new version presents heritage managers with knowledge and practical information about subjects as climate conditions and safety measures. Involved RCE experts: Bart Ankersmit and Agnes Brokerhof.

Training Research, Protection and Management in Underwater Cultural Heritage, Surinam
In May 2016 an identification mission to Surinam will take place. This will be the starting point of an extensive project: the establishment of an infrastructure for the research, protection and management of Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) in Surinam. The objectives are the training of  two students  in underwater archaeology, a mapping of underwater and maritime cultural heritage and advising on the implementation of UCH management in Surinam. Involved RCE expert: Martijn Manders.

Internship IPHAN policy officer at RCE
From May to July 2016, Beatriz Otto de Santana will be doing an internship at the RCE. Beatriz works as a policy officer at IPHAN, the Brazilian organization on built heritage. During her internship she will conduct a research on the Dutch heritage system, and use the results as input for the upcoming reorganization of the Brazilian heritage system. Involved experts: Frank Altenburg and Jean-Paul Corten.

Exhibition Adaptive re-use in the Netherlands in Sri Lanka
On April 27, the exhibition Adaptive re-use in the Netherlands will be opened in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by the Netherlands ambassador. This travelling exhibition offers an overview of the Dutch approach to re-use, which in many countries is considered to be unconventional. The exhibition was made by SteenhuisMeurs. Involved RCE-expert: Jean-Paul Corten.

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This newsletter on the Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the RCE is produced by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Our SCH programme follows from the SHC policy of the Netherlands government. Within this framework, the RCE aims at knowledge exchange and international cooperation in the context of sustainable conservation and use of shared cultural heritage. 

For more information about the Shared Cultural Heritage programme and projects, please visit our website (Dutch and English) and the Cultural Heritage Connections projects database.
Calendar SCH activities and related events
Lecture and discussion ‘Connected by heritage – Japan and the Netherlands’
at Spui25 in Amsterdam, in collaboration with Rijksmuseum and Vantilt publishers. With a contribution (amongst others) by Jean Paul Corten.
Lecture by Hans Prade on Netherlands-Surinam relations and a documentary by Peggy Brader about her Surinam heritage
within the context of the exhibition ‘Suriname – Nederland, 40 years later’.
At Museum Volkenkunde Leiden.
Study tour ‘Re-imagining India’ of the Netherlands, for Indian urban planners
Tour through various Dutch cities, focusing on Dutch urban planning.  Organized by My Livable City and International New Town Institute.
Expert meeting on heritage in Brazil
with a keynote lecture by Ms Jurema de Sousa Machado, president of IPHAN. Organized by the RCE, Dutch Culture and ICOMOS.
International Museum Conference – Sustainable Dialogues for Dutch and Russian museum professionals
at Hermitage  Amsterdam, organized by Dutch Culture, Foundation SAM (Foundation for Amsterdam Museums) and ICOM Russia.
Dialogue ‘Holland Mania’: American Taste, Collecting, and Travel in the Gilded Age
at the Terra Foundation Paris Center & Library in Paris.
ICOMOS lecture on infrastructure in Surinam and South Africa
by Hillebrand Ehrenburg and Nicholas Clarke
 at DutchCulture in Amsterdam.
'Footsteps along the track project': lecture by Nicholas Clarke about the legacy of the Dutch South African Railway Company in South Africa
organized by the South Africa House in Amsterdam.

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