Sharing heritage: bi-monthly update of the Cultural Heritage Agency No. 8 - August and September 2016
Field trip to former Dutch Fort Frederick at Trincomalee with participants of the adaptive reuse workshop. Sri Lanka, 2015. Photo by Frank Strolenberg, RCE.
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Welcome to this Sharing Heritage Newsletter. Read about the recent publication Managing Indoor Climate Risks in Museums and get introduced to our expert on adaptive reuse Frank Strolenberg. Check out the line-up of current Shared Cultural Heritage projects, events and publications. Obviously: summertime is not a quiet time for the SCH programme here at the Cultural Heritage Agency!
Marc Stappers and Bart Ankersmit during an Indoor Climate workshop at the National Archives, Sri Lanka, 2015.
Project in the spotlight
RCE experts Bart Ankersmit, senior researcher conservation and restoration, and Marc Stappers, specialist building physics, recently published the book Managing Indoor Climate Risks in Museums. The publication is a result of various Shared Cultural Heritage workshops Bart and Marc conducted on this topic.

The main focus of this book is the decision making process concerning the management of climate risk in museums and historic houses. It aims at assisting collection managers and caretakers by providing information that will allow responsible decisions about the indoor climate. An outline of nine steps guides the reader through the management process. The nine steps take both the movable and immovable heritage into account.

Both Bart and Marc hope the book will be extensively used by heritage professionals in the Netherlands and abroad. You can purchase a copy of Managing Indoor Climate Risks in Museums via this link

Frank Strolenberg in Sri Lanka, 2015. Photo by: C. Kellenaers.
Expert in the spotlight
Frank Strolenberg is programme manager at the Cultural Heritage Agency and an expert on the adaptive reuse of buildings. He finds his inspiration and motivation in connecting heritage with people by using storytelling. He comments: “Being able to tell stories and combining these emotional facts with new and actual economic value is what makes me tick.”

Within the context of the SCH programme of the RCE, Frank has given lectures and trainings on adaptive reuse, in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2015 he conducted a training session in Sri Lanka, where he shared expertise and provided guidance on city development with heritage as an asset. The training session specifically focused on analyzing the local economy, exchanging business cases and studying the heritage qualities of the city. Frank: “It was most inspiring to exchange ideas with all the participants and to discuss different approaches and solutions.”

Currently, Frank is working on a book on the adaptive reuse of buildings. Various case studies from the Netherlands are included in the book, with aspects on heritage, design and public-private partnerships. The book will be available in spring 2017.
Current projects
Indonesia: Jakarta Heritage Academy
On August 19 and 20, the Jakarta Heritage Academy will be launched. This academy consists of a series of six master classes for young heritage professionals, such as architects, policy makers and archivists. The main theme is the livable historic city, with a focus on restoration, preservation and management of historical buildings, in the wider context of urban planning and development. The Jakarta Heritage Academy is a collaboration between several Dutch and Indonesian partners, like Dutch Culture, the National Archives of the Netherlands, the RCE and Indonesian partners Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur (PDA), Budi Lim Architects, Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI). Involved RCE expert: Jean-Paul Corten.

GIS database underwater archaeology South Africa
Within the context of the project “Maritime and underwater cultural heritage GIS for South Africa”, two GIS experts from the RCE and Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) work in close cooperation with South African heritage institution SAHRA to develop a national GIS (Geographic Information System) database for South African archaeological heritage. Involved RCE expert: Dian Jansen.

Workshop on adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in Jakarta
This workshop is a continuation of previous SCH activities in Indonesia on public-private partnerships. The workshop is organized by the Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation (JOTRC), in cooperation with the RCE and Stadsherstel Amsterdam. The revitalization of the old town of Jakarta has been chosen as a pilot project due to its exemplary ambition to revive the historical area of the city, involving cooperation between public and private sectors. Involved RCE expert: Dré van Marrewijk.

Japan: research on shipwreck De Bosse
In August, the RCE is joining forces with the Kyushu National Museum to conduct an exploratory research on the Dutch shipwreck De Bosse. The research focuses on exploring opportunities for mapping De Bosse and providing accessibility to the wreck for local sports divers. Involved RCE expert: Martijn Manders.
Recently published
More information?
This newsletter on the Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the RCE is produced by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Our SCH programme follows from the SCH policy of the Netherlands government. Within this framework, the RCE aims at knowledge exchange and international cooperation in the context of sustainable conservation and use of shared cultural heritage.

For more information about the Shared Cultural Heritage programme and projects, please visit our website (Dutch and English) and the Cultural Heritage Connections projects database.
Calendar SCH activities and related events
Start of the commemorative journey of the Duyfken replica ship
Departure at Fremantle Harbour (Western Australia).
Framer Framed exhibition: ‘Re(as)sisting Narratives’, curated by Chandra Frank
Explore legacies of colonialism between South Africa and the Netherlands through contemporary art. At Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam.
Exhibition ‘Arita. Paintings by Debora Makkus’
The influence of Japanese porcelain on Dutch painter Debora Makkus.
At SieboldHuis, Leiden.
Start of the new season of the monthly ICOMOS heritage lectures
At Dutch Culture, Amsterdam.
Lecture and discussion ‘Connected by heritage – Sri Lanka and the Netherlands’
At Spui 25 in Amsterdam, in collaboration with Rijksmuseum and Vantilt publishers.
Exhibition ‘On the road – travelling with the photographer’
See how travelling and photography became inextricably bound to each other. At National Archives of the Netherlands, The Hague.
ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group Interim Meeting
International triennial meeting of photograph conservators and historians. At Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
Annual Conference New Netherlands Institute: ‘From Pavonia to the Garden State. New Jersey’s Dutch Past’
At New Brunswick, in the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center (USA).
Tweed’s Dutch Australian Festival – hosted by the local Dutch community
Dutch items, food and entertainment. At St Cuthberts Angelican Church in Tweed, New South Wales (Australia).
First edition UNESCO Debate on deliberate destruction of cultural (World) heritage
With contributions by Stephan Sanders and Sada Mire. At Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden, Leiden.

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