Transition management in Georgia: everyone deserves a second chance!
Everyone deserves a second chance in life. But how can you best support people who were just released from prison? What does quality support look like where it comes to the rehabilitation and resocialisation of inmates, former inmates and probationers? And what level of additional support does a person who uses drugs need in this process?

A new project in Georgia intends to set the standard. Starting in January 2017, the Georgian Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health - TANADGOMA - dives into ‘transition management’. Mainline is proud to partner with them in this important, EU-funded project.
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International Training of Trainers
Last year, Mainline introduced plans around an international Train-the-Trainer (ToT) programme. Now, in early 2017, we are ready to get started! We formed a group of 13 enthusiastic people from various partner organisations in the Bridging the Gaps 2 programme. The kick-off for the training programme takes place in April 2017.
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Paralegal (peer) support
In South Africa, extensive violence and injustices against People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) occur on a daily basis. Moreover, access to a fair trial or legal support is rare for this target group. Mainline connected their South African partners to PKNI from Indonesia. This network of PWUD has organised paralegal support via their peer networks.
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Nai Zindagi (Pakistan); reinventing harm reduction
Nai Zindagi – a non-profit organisation based in Pakistan - currently functions as Mainline’s most important partner in innovation under the Bridging the Gaps 2 programme. Nai Zindagi and Mainline look back at an effective and professional 10-year collaboration.

The partnership is important to Mainline as Nai Zindagi is a true learning organisation that reinvents harm reduction based on a combination of evidence and an open mind.

Mainline visited Pakistan from 23 November to 30 November 2016. The team consisted of Machteld Busz (International programme manager) and Nick Veldwijk, (Country manager Nepal and responsible for innovations). Mainline’s purpose was to visit Nai Zindagi, get updated on their current work and discuss new opportunities for future collaboration.
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Harm reduction in Tanzania
Under the Bridging the Gaps 2 programme, Mainline aspires to support harm reduction services in Tanzania.

To fully understand the opportunities, needs and socio-political circumstances, Mainline organised two scoping visits in 2016. The situation for people who use drugs in the United Republic of Tanzania is delicate.
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Mainline goes Berlin!
On a cold and snowy January day, the Mainline crew had a hot start to the new year visiting fellow harm reduction pioneers FixPunkt in Berlin, Germany. Due to the cold temperatures we did not witness the full extent of growing numbers of people using drugs in the streets seen by FixPunkt on a daily basis. However, we managed to get a complete overview of their important work.

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