Advocacy for women who use drugs in the MENA region
Mainline works with the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA) to improve the position of women who use drugs (WWUD). We designed a manual for local organisations in the MENA region. The aim of this manual is to provide practical guidelines to advocate for harm reduction services for women.
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Working towards a Dream Drop-In
Drop-in centres for people who use drugs come in many sizes and shapes. Some offer a safe space for people to take a break from a chaotic life on the streets. Others focus more on a set of health services to test for HIV, provide basic medical aid or treat abscesses caused by injection. In countries where opioid substitution treatment is available, drop-in centres can function as a dispensary. And in countries like the Netherlands safe spaces also allow consumption of drugs indoors.

So, what makes an ideal drop-in centre?
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Atma Jaya report Indonesia
Atma Jaya Catholic University conducted an impressive bio-behavioural survey among those who use crystal meth in Indonesia. They collected information from close to 1,500 people and tested them for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and syphilis. The risks of contracting these infectious diseases were found to be significantly bigger compared to the general population. Read the full report (English) here.
LBHM report Indonesia
The complexities of the rehabilitation system in Indonesia have been analysed by the legal rights institute LBH Masyarakat in Indonesia. The study takes stock of the different drug treatment options and stirs the discussion about accessibility, effectiveness and costs of drug treatment. Read the full report (English) here.
Goodbye Jos
After 3 years, Jos Luteijn has decided to leave Mainline. Jos worked for Mainlines international department as a trainer. He worked to structure and improve Mainlines’ training and capacity building efforts. With his streetwise and fearless attitude, unique sense of humour and straight forward communication, Jos was an extremely valuable part of the team. We will miss having Jos around and Mainline thanks him for his great work. All the best to you Jos!
Hello Simon
Mainline is happy to welcome on board Simon Williams. Originally from the United Kingdom, Simon worked as a teacher, trainer and an entrepreneur. With a background in Sociology and Criminology, Simon has a unique perspective on drug use and harm reduction. His trainings are interactive, smart, remarkably diverse and most importantly - highly focused on harm reduction. Simon will work in tandem with trainer Ferry Barendregt - both nationally and in the international field. Simon is an amazing addition to the Mainline team: welcome on board Simon!
Track record harm reduction in South Africa
The Bridging the Gaps programme published a track record case about the introduction of harm reduction in South Africa. This concise and powerful document describes the early stages of harm reduction when it was first initiated in the country in 2015, the importance of the approach and the results that were established thus far. Read the track record here.
'Mainline International' Facebook
On this page we keep you informed about our projects, the latest harm reduction news, drug policy developments and some of the extraordinary experiences we encounter in Mainlines international work.
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