NEWSLETTER INTERNATIONAL | January / February 2017 - #1
Mainline: doping in recreational sports
Although evidence is somewhat scattered, the use of performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) is long said to be on the rise in the recreational sport scene. It concerns substances that help people lose weight and/or build stronger muscles. Mainline is part of a new European project that aims to test two online interventions around PIED use.
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Website on Chemsex:
Mainline and SOA Aids the Netherlands launched a website for men who have sex with men (MSM) and who use drugs in a sexual setting. Mainline’s Leon Knoops: ‘For men in the ‘chemsex’ scene, it is almost impossible to find objective information about drug use in a sexual setting. Everything out there is very sensational, extremely moralising or intended to ignite fear. This website is the first of its kind to address men in a language they understand, without moral judgements and with detailed information about the positives and negatives regarding sex under the influence of drugs’. Visit the new website here.
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Training on the needs of women who use drugs in Kenya
Mainline initiated a collaboration between MEWA in Kenya and Nai Zindagi in Pakistan to bundle expertise on women who use drugs and design a training on this topic. Trainer Simon Williams (Mainline) and Dr. Maimoona (Nai Zindagi) worked together to compile the normative guidance already available on this topic. Working closely with MEWA - Mainline’s partner in Mombasa, Kenya - the knowledge on this topic is translated to fit the local context and the needs of outreach workers who reach out to women who use drugs.

The training is piloted in Mombasa in the week of 29 January. The National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) will participate in the training and will provide their feedback. Based on this, we will adjust the training manual in order for it to be added to the national curriculum on HIV and AIDS prevention in Kenya.

Mapping the drug scene in Makassar, Indonesia
During the week of 29 January, Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta, in collaboration with Mainline and local network of People Who Use Drugs (PKNM), assessed the drug scene in Makassar. The special focus is on people who use methamphetamines - Shabu in the local slang. Makassar was identified earlier as one of Indonesia’s cities where many people use Shabu but an estimate of the population size was lacking. During the assessment or ‘mapping’, the team estimated the size of the population that uses Shabu.

In addition, a survey was implemented to understand the risk behaviour of those who use meth. Previous research conducted by Atma Jaya showed increased risks among Shabu users to contract HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Depending on the outcome of the situational assessment, Mainline and PKNM are looking into starting harm reduction services that target the special needs of People Who Use Shabu.

Hello Bart
We’ve strengthened our team with our newest team member Bart Engel. With his track record of enterprises and expertise in entrepreneurship, he is perfect for the job. Together with his colleague Mick Jonkman, they will form our Social Entrepreneurial Dream Team, scouting for new opportunities to generate income for the foundation and getting ready to build a real social enterprise.
'Mainline International' Facebook
On this page we keep you informed about our projects, the latest harm reduction news, drug policy developments and some of the extraordinary experiences we encounter in Mainlines international work.
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