Training in the Philippines
The war on drugs in the Philippines has left a significant impact on the sense of safety of its people. A large number of dead bodies piled up over the last two years. Since then, the Filipino people have been voicing their contradictions against these human rights violations. All that Mainline has been able to do so far is support this advocacy for change - until a fantastic opportunity presented itself in order to make our support more tangible..
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Consultancy Mainline
Mainline can be hired as an expert and consultant. After working in the drugs and harm reduction field for almost 30 years, it is safe to say that we live, breath, eat and sleep harm reduction. And we enjoy sharing our knowledge.

Read more about our expert offer.
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Drug awareness in Manchester
What do different drugs look like? And how do they affect you? These are questions that most people who work with people who use drugs or who have a long career in using drugs can answer very easily. But what about the next generation of adults; the youth who just started to experiment with drugs? Do they have sufficient awareness of the effects that different drugs have on the body and mind? Mainline went to find out in Manchester, England.
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HIV and HCV among non-injection drug users in Pakistan
A recent assessment in four cities in Pakistan shows an unexpected high prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis C among non-injection heroin users. HIV prevalence ranges from 2% in Rahim Yar Kahn, 7% in Rawilpindi and 9% in Gujrat to 10% in Multan. The average prevalence among the 400 respondents in this study is 7%. This prevalence is much higher than the average population in Pakistan, which is close to 0%.
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The DELTS project
People are increasingly using performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) to help them meet their ‘body-image-related goals’. This includes substances such as anabolic-androgenic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength, and the use of weight-loss drugs for fat burning purposes.

Mainline is part of the DELTS project. This project aims to promote healthy behaviour and harm reduction in recreational sport. Two e-learning tools are to be tested during this project. The project is a collaboration between partners in five different European countries.

Follow our activities and the latest news about performance enhancing drugs via this amazing new website and on Facebook!
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Innovation blog Nick
Mainline believes that innovation can increase the access and uptake of services, empower key populations to claim their rights, and reduce stigma and discrimination.

In this blog, Mainlines’ Nick Veldwijk talks about a new pilot in Pakistan. Partner Nai Zindagi offers mobile ARVs to people who use drugs. This work is part of the Bridging the Gaps programme.
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Annual Report 2017
The year 2017 was both productive and successful for Mainline. We’ve worked to support the health and human rights of people who use drugs across the world.

We are pleased to publish our annual report in a new digital format. It is a visually stimulating report that allows us to present our annual results with great pride.
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David Fawcett - Chemsex & treatment
David Fawcett is an American sexologist and psychotherapist specialised in mental health issues under MSM and has had years of experience in the treatment of chemsex related problems.

Want to know more about chemsex and treatment? Watch the sessions we streamed on June 11.

Part 1 - Why do chemsex-related problems require specific attention?

Part 2 - Treatment of chemsex-related problems: guidelines for professionals

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