NEWSLETTER INTERNATIONAL | July / August 2018 - #4
Special edition: Mainline @ the International AIDS conference 2018
Mainline at AIDS2018
Amsterdam hosted the International AIDS conference between 23 July and 27 July. The Mainline staff jumped on their bikes and in the Mainline van to be there. Our highlight of the week: the harm reduction networking zone, which we coordinated together with the Rainbow Group.

The zone provided a vibrant space for people who use drugs or who have a (professional) interest in drugs, harm reduction services and drug policy. We organised a small needle and syringe exchange and provided information about (safer) drug use in the Netherlands.
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Harm reduction for people who use stimulants
One of Mainlines most interesting sessions in the harm reduction networking zone was about harm reduction for those who use stimulants because they are often not targeted by harm reduction services. In addition, service providers are sometimes at a loss as to what they can offer people who use stimulants.
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Engagement tour at Mainline
Mainline organised a tour of our office for a group of people from 17 different countries. We talked about Dutch drug policy and the basics of harm reduction. We ended the tour with a game to create awareness: by trying to identify different powders and pills, the group learned that you can never know what drugs you might be taking if you don’t test them.
Harm reduction tricks
Mainline’s trainer Ferry taught a group of people some of the useful tricks to reduce the harms that the use of drugs can cause. Small adjustments to your crack pipe, for example, can make a huge difference for your lungs. And most people know that you should not share your injection equipment, but they don’t know that there are risks of spreading HIV or Hepatitis C while preparing your shot.
Party and Play: PnP
Is there anything you always wanted to know about chemsex but never dared to ask? On Wednesday, Mainline organised a session to answer these questions in a playful way. Our panel of experts and people with first-hand experience in the chemsex-scene sat in a cleverly crafted phone.
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Dutch drug policy
The harm reduction networking zone was devoted to Dutch drug policy on Monday, 23 July. It is our great pleasure to share the video about the drug consumption rooms that were made for the occasion.

The documentary was made by Correlation & De Regenboog, with the collaboration of MAINline, and the generous support of AIDS Fonds. The video was shot and edited by Visionary Minds.

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Mainline in the media
Ingrid at the Needle and Syringe Exchange: read the article.

Mac on harm reduction in the Netherlands: read the article.

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