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Mainline study: shockingly high HIV prevalence in Punjab, Pakistan
Although harm reduction programmes such as needles and syringe exchange services and HIV testing and treatment have been available in Pakistan for many years, Punjab province was one region with no service coverage. Local organisation Nai Zindagi pressed for steps to be taken, as Punjab is home to a large number of people who inject drugs.

Soon, Nai Zindagi, Mainline and the Government of Punjab partnered up and the outcomes of the joint assessment are truly alarming. Read the report of the assessment here (pdf).
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Trainer-of-Trainers programme: off to a flying start

A second cycle of the Mainlines Trainer-of-Trainer (ToT) programme was kicked off in July. The two year programme includes participants from Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Vietnam.

Watch our introduction video here and find out more about this inspiring initiative on our website.
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Needle and Syringe Programmes under pressure in South Africa
With the needles and syringe programme in Durban closed by the local authorities since May 2018, the services in Port Elisabeth are also facing difficulties now. The local community raised complaints to the city council about crime they associated with drug use in their neighbourhood.

The situation shows an urgent need of continuous advocacy in support of harm reduction as an effective approach to not only tackle HIV, but also reduce crime and public order problems.

Mainline gives a shout out to our South African friends: continue the fight!
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Tanzania: one shot – you’re out?
The only type of available syringes in Tanzania are made to avoid reuse. Although in theory this is a great idea – it should prevent people from sharing their needles or using blunt ones – the reality proves otherwise.

People rework their gear to allow multiple uses. Harm reduction provider Mukikute tries to make as many needles and syringes available as they can to prevent people from harming their skin, veins and friends. Used needles can be dumped in the metal containers that Mukikute provides. 

Read more about our work in Tanzania.
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Youth Vision in Nepal: the road to becoming a harm reduction expert
For many years, Youth Vision (Nepal) and Mainline worked together to support people who inject drugs in Nepal. Under the Bridging the Gaps programme, Youth Vision grew into a true harm reduction expert. Would you like to know how Youth Vision achieved this?

Watch the video of Youth Vision’s work in Nepal.
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Bridging the Gaps ‘Learning Institute’
During this year’s Bridging the Gaps ‘Learning Institute’, a powerful video was produced on the importance of including key populations in programmes that seek to prevent and treat HIV.

Watch the video here.
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TB/HIV Care @ the SA AIDS conference
TB/HIV Care attended the 9th South African AIDS Conference. The organisation supported the development of a statement in support of the decriminalisation of drugs from the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.
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New board member: Monique Middelhoff
Mainline is proud to announce Monique Middelhoff as a new member to our board. Monique is an important Dutch expert in harm reduction and HIV.

Now an independent adviser in the field of HIV/AIDS and public health, Monique recently retired as senior adviser for HIV and SRHR at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her rich experience in renown institutes such as (the Dutch) RIVM and UNAIDS, will make her an invaluable asset to Mainline board. Welcome Monique!
Managing drug use during Ramadan
Many people with a Muslim background who use drugs still find it very important to respect the holy month of Ramadan. Mainline found that even people who live on the streets find ways to practise their religion within their personal possibilities. Mainlines local partners in South Africa and Kenya tried to support service users to fast.

For people who use drugs, especially those who are homeless, the challenges of fasting add to – and to some extent enforce – their daily struggles.

Read the whole article here.
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