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Corona update: 17 April | students and staff

Dear colleagues and students,  

First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are in good health. We sympathise with the students that find themselves far away from their family and friends, have temporarily lost their income and are therefore in a difficult financial position. For teachers and staff, transitioning to online education and working from home presents its own complications. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate all of your efforts, flexibility and positive attitude. Thank you for your commitment.  

We are all of course eagerly anticipating the advice of the government with regards to the upcoming period, but at the same time we all know that social distancing will remain a part of our everyday life for some time to come.  

As a safety measure, we are keeping distance from one another and going outside when possible and wise. There will most likely be days when the walls are closing in on us. Please stay in contact with each other and with us and let us know where we can help. Now that the days and weeks in quarantine are adding up, it is more important than ever to keep doing this together.   

We informed you earlier that we would let you know mid-April how we are going to handle the exams and final exams (Bachelor 4 and Master 2). At this moment, we are finalising these procedures in coordination with the Education Committee, the Exam Board, the coordinators, heads of departments and staff. Wednesday April 20 at the latest we will inform both students and teaching staff about the way in which all examination will take place.  

We do understand that your patience, and in particular those of the graduates, is tested for a little while longer, but in this extraordinary situation, we need to proceed very carefully remembering that everyone’s safety is our main priority. We are counting on your understanding and will do our utmost to give all Ba-4 and Ma-2 students a chance on having a good completion of their education at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. 

We wish you strength and have a wonderful weekend. Stay strong and keep your distance but be sure to keep in touch (online)!  

All the best,  
Janneke van der Wijk
Okke Westdorp
Edo Righini

In this e-mail:
  • From 4 May we will no longer use private e-mail addresses
  • Yoga and physiotherapy 
  • Temporary access to MuziekwebLuister 
  • How to use an external microphone as audio input during Zoom meetings
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From 4 May we will no longer use private e-mail addresses

Currently everyone receives messages related to the corona crisis on both their AHK and private email address. However, in the week of 4 May we will only use the AHK e-mail addresses for messages from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Besides, the AHK recently decided to stop emailing to private email addresses. So to stay fully informed it is therefore important that all students, teachers and staff members start using their AHK e-mail address from 4 May or have their e-mail automatically forwarded to their private e-mail address. 

Forwarding your AHK e-mail to your private e-mail address: Watch our video with instruction here and follow the steps. 

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Message from Debby Korfmacher, Coordinator Healthy Musicianship

Yoga for musicians via CvA Online

We care about your well-being and we hope that everyone is doing fine, despite this challenging period of isolation.

Our Yoga Teacher Lisa Wyss has recorded 4 short Yoga tutorials that you can do at home. These tutorials have been designed specifically to support practicing routines.

You can access the Yoga tutorials via www.cvaonline.nl

Username: Healthy_Musicianship 
Password: 7Bsuz7LW


Arjen Bleeksma, the physiotherapist who usually holds a clinic at the CvA on Wednesday mornings, is now offering online physiotherapy sessions. If you would like to make an appointment please contact Arjen directly via 06-24533945 or info@bleeksmafysiotherapie.nl.

NB: these sessions are not free of charge but may be covered by your health insurance. Ask Arjen for details.

General support

If you have any queries, problems or worries that you would like to discuss, please contact your student coach or staff coordinator:
Our student counsellor Heleen de Kam can be reached via heleen.dekam@ahk.nl.
Our school psychologist Brig van den Acker can be reached via b.vandenacker@ahk.nl.

If you need to see a doctor (GP) but have not yet registered with one in Amsterdam, you can contact Dr. Van Kernebeek: www.huisartsenpraktijkreguliersgracht.nl

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Message from Luuk Hoekstra, on behalf of Muziekweb and the CvA Library

Temporary access to MuziekwebLuister

Muziekweb, the music library of the Netherlands, is offering CvA students and staff access to copyrighted sound materials during the time our school is closed due to the corona crisis. Only the sections Jazz and Classical music within Muziekweb are available for us. Unfortunately Pop music is excluded because of copyright matters.  

Visit www.muziekweb.nl and register with your AHK e-mail address. You will find more information about registration and log in here on MyAHK.

Please note; only for personal use. 

How to use an external microphone as audio input during Zoom meetings

Teachers are already sharing quite a few tips via the CvA E-Learning page and Sharepoint, like this (technical) recommendation below that we received from Richard Jansen. 

Watch the video with instructions at the bottom of our E-Learning page on MyAHK:

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