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Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course
In June, the new Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course was launched. This free online course will support partners worldwide, equipping them to advocate for the end of criminalising approaches to drug use and personal possession. Mainline co-designed this [e]course in close partnership with IDPC, Health[E]Foundation and Frontline AIDS. Each of the seven modules will take you an average of 1.5 hours to complete and you can complete the modules at your own pace. The first three modules are available now. Read more below to register. We hope you will enjoy the course!
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Size estimation and service mapping in Zambia
Harm reduction is new in Zambia. Mainline is asked to estimate how many people inject drugs in the country and to map the already existing harm reduction and HIV services for people who use drugs. Based on this, we will draft practical service guidelines. In doing so, Mainline hopes to contribute to the introduction of harm reduction in Zambia.
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Adherence to ART and HIV risks among female spouses of men who inject drugs
Using service delivery data from Nai Zindagi Trust in Pakistan, two studies – led by the University of New South Wales in Australia – aimed to:

· assess adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) among HIV positive men who inject drugs, and
· estimate the HIV prevalence and incidence among female spouses of HIV positive men who inject drugs.

Read more about the important outcomes of these studies and form your opinion on whether the spouses of men who inject drugs should gain access to PreP. 
Research Report
Prison health in Indonesia
Prisons in Indonesia are often overcrowded and the health services are limited. Is quality health care in a prison setting too expensive? Not according to the findings from Atma Jaya University, which applied the method of 'economic modelling' to various prison health services, including drug treatment.

Atma Jaya University spoke about their three inter-linked research reports around prison health during a webinar that took place on 27 May 2021. A summary of the studies was shared with the 50+ interested participants from government, the correctional department, UN representatives and NGOs.

The findings of the previous three studies feed into the next, ongoing research that digs deeper into the possibilities of evidence-based drug treatment and motivational interviewing in prison settings. All activities aim to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for people who use drugs in Indonesian prisons.
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Chemsex in Asia: a web resource
Mainline recently designed a web resource to showcase a new research report about chemsex in Asia. The webpage offers a brief overview of the manual and links to the full report as well as to available external resources for those who are interested in learning more.
The research report together with the website was launched during a webinar on 6 July 2021. You can find the site at
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Peer work training
Peer workers are central to good quality harm reduction programmes. However, peers meet many challenges in their daily work. Organisations are not always sure how to deal with staff members who actively use drugs.

As part of a project where we work with peers and women who use drugs in South Africa, Mainline recently developed a new peer work training and piloted it in five cities in South Africa.
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Virtual study visit to the Netherlands
Mainline coordinated a virtual study tour for the harm reduction network for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENAHRA). MENAHRA were determined to not have COVID-19 block their plans, and so they asked Mainline to provide a digital tour across Dutch harm reduction services.
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The Dutch drug debate
Drugs have been discussed in the Dutch Parliament in recent months. It was a confusing state of affairs, with politicians mixing the wrong drugs together and a lot of conservative backlash. We wrote a blog about it (in Dutch).
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