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The Hanoi Field Lab continues
Great news: SCDI in Vietnam and Mainline can strengthen and expand the available harm reduction offer for people who use methamphetamine. After establishing the regional field lab in 2019 and 2020 we now have the opportunity to push this innovative initiative to the next level.

One important element: to improve and grow the community's mental health response. Moreover, the experiences from Hanoi's field lab are ready to be further disseminated across the South East Asian Region.
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Understanding the needs of women who use drugs and their HIV+ children
Children Education Society (CHESO) in Tanzania has requested Mainline to assess the needs of women who use drugs and their (HIV positive) children.

Between September and November, two Mainline staff members will speak with women to ensure their needs for services will be taken up in the new national HIV and AIDS strategic plan.
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Size estimate, service mapping and step-by-step guide
Mainline and her local counterparts wrapped up an inspiring assignment in Zambia this month. In the past four months, we worked on a size estimate - with a focus on the cities Kitwe, Kabwe, and Solwezi, a service mapping, and a step-by-step guide to facilitate the introduction of harm reduction. The results of this assignment were disseminated during a two-day meeting in early October and led to a lively and productive discussion between policymakers, UN representatives, medical and HIV experts, academics, and law enforcement.

We are very curious to learn what steps towards the introduction of harm reduction are next for Zambia.

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Tailored harm reduction services for young people who use drugs
People who use drugs are known to experience stigma, infringement of human rights, health risks, and barriers in accessing SRHR, health care, and harm reduction services. Young people who use drugs face additional barriers, for a number of reasons.

For example:
  • Laws and regulations prevent from providing services to young people who use drugs;
  • Service providers often do not have sufficient knowledge on the specific needs of young people who use drugs;
  • Young people who use drugs lack awareness of health risks and don’t have access to supportive networks and communities.
Meanwhile, young people who use drugs are at higher risk to contract HIV. They often engage in specific, age-related risk behaviors, and encounter severe stigma, discrimination, and violence. This may cause serious (mental) health or social problems. This calls for intensified engagement and the development and promotion of tailored harm reduction services. The Young, Wild, and... Free?-Project allowed Mainline to do just that. This project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and recently came to an end. All our findings and results are accessible on our website:
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Upcoming expo: Worlds of Opiates
We are happy and proud to announce that Poppi – our start-up drugs museum - can open her doors again! During the COVID lock-down Poppi initiated a collaboration with the University of Utrecht and several artists. And now we are ready to welcome visitors to the city of Amsterdam.

During the whole month of December, you are welcome to immerse yourself in our expo: Worlds of Opiates. You can walk through a field of 3D Poppy flowers and discover the many attributes of the most powerful flower known to mankind. Interactive viewing boxes tell you stories about opium, heroin, and painkillers. The same substance, in different appearances, entices different societal responses. Did you know opiates are all around you? Visit our website and follow our socials for news, opening hours, and special events.
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