Sharing heritage: bi-monthly update of the Cultural Heritage Agency No. 7 - June and July 2016
An Indonesian heritage delegation visited the Netherlands. Photo: Job Pardoel, RCE.
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Welcome to the 7th Sharing Heritage Newsletter. Read about the knowledge exchange between IPHAN Brazil and the RCE and get acquainted with maritime archeologist Thijs Coenen. Further, we are pleased to inform you on recent shared cultural heritage projects, our newest publications and articles and last but not least: the upcoming events.
Beatriz Otto de Santana, Technical Coordinator of the Superintendent in the state of Goiás at IPHAN. Photo: Enio Tavares/Emporio Imagem, 2011.
Project in the spotlight
From June to August, IPHAN policy officer Beatriz Otto de Santana will be in the Netherlands for a knowledge exchange with the RCE. The National Artistic and Historic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) has recently signed an agreement with the RCE for enhancing the cooperation between the two heritage institutes. The upcoming exchange is an elaboration of this cooperation.

Beatriz visited the Netherlands years ago as an exchange student. Impressed by the Dutch approach to revitalizing (historical) urban areas, she decided to quit her Journalism studies and enroll in the study of Architecture. After her studies Beatriz started working at IPHAN as Technical Coordinator of the Superintendent in the state of Goiás. 

In the next three months Beatriz will research the Dutch heritage system. The aim of her mission is to analyze the roles of the government, private sector and civil society in cultural heritage management in the Netherlands. Beatriz is particularly interested in alternative, non-governmental financing of heritage conservation and management. The results of the research will be used as input for the upcoming reorganization of the Brazilian heritage system. The RCE is glad to welcome Beatriz and is looking forward to a fruitful exchange.
Dive team with Thijs Coenen (second to the right) Brazil 2012. Photo: Maritime Programme, RCE.
Expert in the spotlight

Thijs Coenen works as a maritime archeologist at the RCE. His first encounter with underwater archeology was during a study trip in South Africa. He immediately knew that this was what he wanted to do professionally. Thijs enjoys the diversity of his work at the RCE: from doing actual archeological fieldwork to writing reports and from giving lectures at the Saxion Hogeschool to developing an open source virtual museum for archeologists.

Within the SCH programme, Thijs was involved in projects with Brazil, Japan and South Africa. In 2012, he was part of a team of archeologists that conducted research on the 17th century ship wreck The Utrecht, located in Brazilian waters. The research on this ship wreck provided us with valuable information on 17th century ship building. Recently, the report on The Utrecht was published by the RCE. Thijs also was involved with the training of two Japanese underwater archeologists in 2015. The aim of this project was to provide the Japanese colleagues with practical knowledge on ‘in situ’ preservation of wreck sites. Thijs stresses the importance of sharing knowledge and working together for the future of our maritime heritage. He feels inspired by working with international colleagues during SCH projects.

Currently two exciting SCH projects in South Africa are coming up for Thijs. He will be working on a GIS (geographical information systems) database and will also contribute to an oral history project for South African sports divers.

Current projects

Indonesian heritage delegation and expert meeting
From 27 to 29 May, an Indonesian heritage delegation visited the Netherlands. This was facilitated by Dutch Culture, the Embassy of Indonesia in The Hague and the RCE. The main result of the visit was the input given by the attendees for a master plan for the redevelopment of Fort Oranje, which is to be implemented by the end of 2018. Involved RCE experts: Arjen Kok and Job Pardoel.

‘Hollandsche begraafplaats’ Nagasaki, Japan
Following the visit of director Cees van ‘t Veen to Japan last February, the RCE has been invited to Nagasaki to advise on the ‘Hollandsche begraafplaats’. On behalf of the foundation expert on funerary heritage Leon Bok will meet the local stakeholders involved with the upkeep of the ‘Hollandsche begraafplaats’ in Nagasaki. Purpose of the visit is to jointly draw a conservation strategy for the future of the cemetery. Involved RCE expert: Jean-Paul Corten.

Internship Museology student Shruti Gautam
From May to August, RCE intern Shruti will be assisting SCH expert Arjen Kok in the research for and the writing of the publication ‘Guidelines for museum and collection development’. Shruti is from India and is currently doing her Masters in Museology at the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam. Involved RCE expert: Arjen Kok.

Omsk, Russia: Master Class ‘Conservation for works of art on paper’
Elaborating on the existing collaboration between Dutch and Russian institutes on art and heritage, this June a Master Class on the conservation of prints and drawings will take place in Omsk. The workshop aims at exchanging knowledge and best practices with conservators and museum professionals from Russia and the Netherlands. Involved RCE expert: Brigit Reissland.

Archeology in Suriname
In June, at the invitation of the Directoraat Cultuur in Paramaribo the RCE will visit Suriname. The aim of this mission is to prospect the archeological infrastructure in Suriname. This inventory will be used as a starting point for future cooperation between Suriname and the Netherlands in the field of archeology. The RCE is currently also involved in a project on the management of maritime archeology in Suriname. Involved RCE expert: Marjolein Verschuur.

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This newsletter on the Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the RCE is produced by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Our SCH programme follows from the SCH policy of the Netherlands government. Within this framework, the RCE aims at knowledge exchange and international cooperation in the context of sustainable conservation and use of shared cultural heritage. 

For more information about the Shared Cultural Heritage programme and projects, please visit our website (Dutch and English) and the Cultural Heritage Connections projects database.
Calendar SCH activities and related events
Re: creating Europe. Forum on European culture
Conference on the strength, impact and value of art and culture for Europe. Initiative by Dutch Culture and De Balie Amsterdam.
Symposium and book presentation ‘Holambra’
Celebration of the launch of the Dutch version of the book ‘Holambra’ by Mari Smits. Organized by The Centre for Global Heritage and Development, in cooperation with Huygens ING, the Hague.
Golden Age Colloquium: ‘Global networks in print:
Dutch Russian exchange in the Petrine era’ by dr. Meredith Hale
Introduction of the research project ‘The power of print. Dutch propaganda for a new Russia’. Organized by the University of Amsterdam.
ICOMOS lecture on industrial heritage
with contributions by Hasti Tarekat on West Sumatra and Hildebrand de Boer on the EuregioRoute in the Netherlands and Germany. At Dutch Culture.
Network event: Design and Games in India – Chances for the Netherlands?
Event for Indian design and game developers and Dutch (cultural) entrepreneurs. Organized by Dutch Culture.
Rudolf van Lier Lecture 2016: ‘Roots and reparations. Coming to terms with slavery heritage’ by dr. Leo Balai.
Organized by the University of Leiden.

Book presentation ‘Kaneel en Olifanten. Nederland en Sri Lanka vanaf 1600’ by Lodewijk Wagenaar (part of the Rijksmuseum Landenreeks).
At Rijksmuseum, organized by Dutch Culture, Gerard Krans and Uitgeverij van Tilt.

Opening exhibition ‘Japan Modern: Elise Wessels collection’ (27 June- 11 September)
170 Japanese prints from the Elise Wessels collection will be exhibited. At Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

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