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Sharing Heritage Expertise No.3, May-June 2018
The old inner-city of Semarang (Kota Lama) in Indonesia (photo: Peter Timmer, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands)
Our first summery newsletter is hot off the press, so let’s dive straight into predictive modelling – a useful tool for underwater cultural heritage management. From here we will take you to Brazil, and introduce you to one of the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme’s most recent partners – the Brazilian Institute of Museums or IBRAM. We are busy with many interesting projects and activities, which you can read all about at the end of the newsletter. We wish you fruitful and inspiring readings!
Known disturbances in the Wadden Sea area (the Netherlands), which may pose a threat to underwater heritage sites (image: Periplus Archeomare/Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands)
Predictive modelling: a useful yet often overlooked tool for underwater cultural heritage management
Our current feature article will explore predictive modelling – a method that allows one to predict the location of cultural heritage sites or objects within a given area, based on circumstantial evidence. Given the nature of underwater cultural heritage, this method is very useful to help manage sites or objects that are neither visible nor located with certainty, but which likely exist in a certain area, and which may be threatened. Although it is still not very well known within the field of underwater heritage management, predictive modelling is an expertise that the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) has been developing and employing for several years. The Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the RCE is thus eager to share this expertise towards the sustainable conservation of shared heritage, in its 10 partner countries.

Read the article here
Guide and visitors at the Lasar Segall Museum, Brazil (photo: Silvana Lobo)
Meet our partner, the Brazilian Institute of Museums IBRAM
In November 2017, Jinna Smit, Programme Director Shared Cultural Heritage (RCE) visited IBRAM (Instituto Brasileiro de Museus), to identify possibilities for collaboration and to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding. IBRAM is the RCE’s counterpart for the museum sector in Brazil, one of the 10 partner countries of the Shared Cultural Heritage programme. The first two collaborative projects, involving the redevelopment of historic buildings into museums and the financial sustainability of museums will start this year.

Established under the Ministry of Culture in 2009, IBRAM is a federal self-regulated agency responsible for the consolidation of the National Museum Policy and the establishment of public policies for the development of the museum sector at federal level. Furthermore, it manages 30 federal museums in four different regions. IBRAM’s experiences relating to the recovery and preservation of museum heritage in Brazil have served as a reference to several countries. Likewise, IBRAM seeks to establish partnerships with other countries, in order to enhance its technical staff, strengthen its relationships through knowledge exchange, and expand its international networks. IBRAM’s International Affairs Office advises the institution and its affiliated museums on their international activities in the cultural and museum sectors, and coordinates its bilateral and multilateral relationships, its international cooperation and the observance of international legal instruments. The institute fosters cultural, museological and artistic exchanges between museums and institutions from Brazil and abroad, together with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of External Relations and other related agencies and partners.

If your organisation would like to get in touch with IBRAM to discuss a possible partnership, please contact Diogo Carvalho or Fabiana Ferreira (

Revival of the Spice Route Initiative in Kochi, Kerala (India) \\ 15 – 16 June \\ The Government of Kerala is organising the Spice Route Initiative in Kochi, in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi. This event follows the cooperation agreement signed by UNESCO and the Government of Kerala in 2016, to promote intercultural dialogue through the revival of the ancient Spice Route. Since the event is focused on heritage, the RCE (Jinna Smit) is also invited to take part. In doing so, it will take the opportunity to strengthen and widen its collaboration with India in the field of Collections and of Heritage & Spatial Planning.

Masterclass in the Vrubel Museum, Omsk (Russia) \\ 28 May – 1 June \\ In collaboration with 10 Siberian museums that host Dutch and Flemish art in their collections, and with the support of the RCE, Russian and Dutch specialists gave lectures on preservation of collections. The focus was on different aspects of light: risk management, exhibitions design and dry cleaning of mixed media paintings. Lectures and workshops were given by Kate Seymour (SRAL), Marysa Otte (Amsterdam Museum), Lia Gorter (Foundation for Cultural Inventory, SCI), Stas Fedorov (Hermitage St. Petersburg), Vitaly Seminkin (Museum of Modern Art Moscow) and Viktor Dorochov (GosNIIR, State Research Institute of Restoration).

Policy advice Shared Cultural Heritage USA – Netherlands \\ The Consulate-General of the Netherlands in New York requested a policy advice in relation to their shared cultural heritage activities. How can the Netherlands and the USA strengthen their relations while collaborating on shared heritage? This policy advice will be elaborated by fall 2018, by Cees van ‘t Veen (Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) and Jinna Smit (RCE), in close collaboration with the Consulate-General of the Netherlands in New York, the National Archives of the Netherlands, DutchCulture, the involved Ministries and other partners in the Netherlands and in the USA.

Heritage & Spatial Planning
Shared Heritage Studio Bandung, Indonesia \\ 26 June 2018 \\ Jean-Paul Corten (RCE) \\ Supported by the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and the Delft University of Technology have come to a Memorandum of Understanding regarding cooperation in the field of heritage conservation. Within the framework of this MoU, the departments of Architecture of both universities have started a joint studio focusing on the revitalisation of the Braga precinct in the centre of Bandung. In April, Dutch students visited their counterparts in Bandung, supported by RCE. On June 26, the ITB students will visit the Netherlands and will be received by the RCE to discuss Integrated Conservation and Kampong Improvement.

Shared Heritage Mission to Russia \\ 11 – 15 June 2018 \\ Jon van Rooijen and Jean-Paul Corten (RCE) \\ Now that several positions in Russia have changed, the RCE, in close cooperation with the Dutch Embassy, will carry out an exploratory visit to Russia. The new decision makers in Rostow will be met in order to define the proceedings in the bilateral cooperation regarding the revitalization of the 18th century fortified city. In Moscow, the cooperation on the planned heritage events in the autumn will be defined.

Shared World Heritage publication meeting \\ 31 May 2018 \\ The Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the RCE organised an expert meeting in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) to explore the possibilities of a publication on Shared World Heritage. Many of the listed World Heritage Sites, be it in the Netherlands or abroad contain influences of other nations and cultures. They show the long-lasting relation between different cultures around the globe. Depending on the outcomes of the meeting, the RCE will proceed with the initiative for this publication.

World Heritage Semarang (Indonesia) \\ 11 – 12 April 2018 \\ Indonesia has nominated the city of Semarang, with a strong Dutch connection, for UNESCO World Heritage listing. The Municipality of Semarang is currently preparing the nomination dossier. Jean-Paul Corten (RCE) was asked to be part of and to contribute to a workshop in the city of Semarang to discuss the Outstanding Universal Value and its attributes. The discussion gave a new perspective on the arguments for listing and therewith a new perspective on the boundaries of the property and the significance of the built structures. The outcomes of the workshop will support the nomination procedure.

Maritime Archaeology
Shipwrecks of the Roaring 40s (Australia) \\ The latest expedition within the Shipwrecks of the Roaring 40´s project took place on Beacon island earlier this year. This small island off the west coast of Australia was home to c. 180 people in the three months after the wrecking of the VOC ship the Batavia, in the 17th century. During several recent archaeological campaigns, 25 individuals were located and investigated by experts from the University of Western Australia, the University of Amsterdam, the Western Australian Museum and the RCE. In a mass grave, seven individuals were found: five were excavated in 2017 and the remaining two in 2018. These were recently identified as being male adolescents and further investigation has yet to reveal the cause of death. This is the latest update in a series of activities related to this project, which will run until the end of the current year.
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