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Corona update: 3 April | students and staff

In this email:
  • Education and exams
  • Continuation exams
  • Educational facilities
  • Housing
  • Financial aid for students
  • Inspiring initiatives
Dear students and colleagues,

Following the announcement of the Dutch Government last Tuesday, and the AHK message via email earlier today, we would like to further inform you about what these measures implicate for the CvA.

We do realise that there are many questions about for instance continuance of final exams, financial aid and college tuition, to name but a few. In this mail we will answer some of these questions and more information can be found on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if something is not clear or if you have additional questions. Teachers and staff can contact their heads of department or coordinators, students can contact their student coach, staff coordinator or the student counsellor. To share creative ideas or initiatives, you can also email cva-communicatie@ahk.nl.

Education and exams

Now that corona measures have been extended until April 28 and it is expected that at least part of the measures will still be in effect after this period, we will continue online education until the end of Study year 2019-2020. This means that, even if some form of lessons on location would start again, online education will also continue until the end of the school year.

Concerning exams:
  • Where possible courses will be tested online.
  • For certain courses exams will be adapted. In consultation with the Board of Exams alternative ways of online testing will be investigated, maybe in combination with a replacing assignment.
  • For those courses where online testing is not possible, we will look into alternative forms of testing.
This way students staying with family in their home country, do not have to be concerned about travelling back to the Netherlands on extreme short notice: If you are following education online now, this will be continued until the end of the school year. 

Continuance of (final) exams

We recognize that there are many questions considering the exams and final exams. We know that there are many students abroad and many students don’t have (full) acces to ideal instruments or rehearsal spaces for a proper preparation on their (final) exams. The board of directors will - together with heads of department, staff coordinators and the exam committee - do their utmost to see these problems are addressed. One of the important issues we do have to consider in this matter is the clarity about access to our buildings and facilities and the possible restrictions we have to take into account. It is our intention to inform you in the second half of April as soon as we have received further guidelines from the government.

Educational facilities

We also realize that there is an urgent need for use of the educational facilities. We therefore are investigating íf and under which conditions we will be able to have students entering the building. First priority will be given to students who are preparing for their final exam. All this of course whilst continuously considering the guidelines of the RIVM. Health and safety for our students and teachers always come first. As soon as there is more certainty in this matter the students concerned will be approached. 
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Financial aid for students

Muziek is Meer Steunfonds (Music is More Support Foundation)
To support students who find themselves in financial trouble due to the Corona-crisis, the CvA, together with the Muziek is Meer Steunfonds, started an emergency relief fund. 
The fund offers financial support to compensate for the loss of income due to the corona crisis which cannot be covered by an extra loan from DUO or under other arrangements by the government or the municipality. In principle, the maximum compensation is € 250 per month, applying for the months of April and May 2020. More information can be found on our website

College Tuition
For Students for whom it becomes problematic to pay the two remaining instalments of the tuition fee, we can arrange a postponement of two months. If you would like to make use of this, please contact the Central Student Administration via csa@ahk.nl

Other financial measures
Other arrangements are offered from Government and municipal side, please check consam.nl/corona for an overview.


For questions regarding housing and rent, students can best contact their landlord/landlady directly. 

Students who are renting an apartment from the Stichting Jan Pieterszoon Huis will receive a separate message from Recourt Makelaars latest coming Monday. These students can contact Marja Mosk via cva-housing@ahk.nl or Carel Quarels via c.quarlesvanufford@janpieterszoonhuis.nl. with their questions about rent and possible arrangements. Please cc. broker Denise Heijne from Recourt Makelaars (denise@recourtmakelaars.nl). 



Even with good information channels, great online lessons and creative new initiatives, these are difficult times. Not being able to make music together in the same space, being inside most of the time, facing financial challenges due to loss of income, only online social contacts,  and  the coming weeks will not get any easier.

Fortunately teachers, staff and students are staying positive. Teachers and staff are working hard to continue and shape online education, students are motivating each other online, helping each other when possible, but also urging one another to stay inside and follow RIVM guidelines. Our student coaches and staff coordinators are keeping in touch with all students. CvA-Service is also supporting on many levels, even in facilitating the delivery of instruments to students in emergency cases. We are impressed by everyone’s ability to adapt so quickly and inspire us and each other with great ideas. It makes us proud of our CvA-community!

The wonderful thing about making music, is that we have to do it together. We are looking forward to the day that we will be walking the halls of our beautiful building again, with music sounding from all corners, full classrooms, lively offices and crowded concert halls with amazing concerts! Until that time we wish you and your loved ones a lot of energy, patience and creativity. We hope to have more clarity and good news for you very soon. Of course we will keep you updated weekly via email and www.consam.nl/corona will continuously be updated with relevant information.

We wish you health, all the best, and take good care of yourself and those around you!

Janneke van der Wijk
Okke Westdorp
Edo Righini
Image                   Piano
Online education | Arno Piters became creative when setting up his home office.    CvA initiative | Piano's were delivered at students who were in desperate need in order to practice for their exam. 
Mondkapjes                Practicing at home
Student initiative | Barbora Jirásková is making face mask for hospitals.   Study at home | The conservatory has been replaced for the living room. #stayhome

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